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Marine Services

After getting repainted several times, many boats will require bottom blasting. This is because paint peels and flakes off due to paint accumulation. It is best that you get our service in the fall after your boat has been hauled for the season. This way, if moisture is present, your boat will have all winter to dry up before a new paint is applied in the spring. Some boats also develop osmotic blistering and start pulling extra weight through the water, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

Surveying for Moisture Content

After blasting, we can survey your boat using a moisture meter and then provide a detailed bottom evaluation. Historically, 80% of the boats we have worked on have wet bottoms. Even when blisters are not visible, moisture can reside under the gel coat. In early March, we will come back to check all the readings and determine if the bottom has dried out, so we can give you our recommendations. Note that proper bottom maintenance will improve fuel efficiency and increase the value of your boat.

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